The Tiger's Roar

With his or her words to reign
Empty mind gone to drain
People did try to strain
Bold and courage had the pain.

They took methods up so bad
Brave warriors hit the sack
Evil rule no dignity they had
As a ball that hit we bounce back!

A new world order grows up front
A slow hymn grows to a chant
Blending together like thorns on rose
To crush evil together we rose!

Led up front by the mystic saint
He held our hearts fed our vein
The enigma of life to raise as giant
To dethrone evil, the British reign!

The bold warriors fought for bread
We won last shed no blood
Lost again back they row
We won the game with the tiger's roar!

Akshay Raja

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Akshay here! this poet has written 110+ poems and is still trying to improve his works. if you think my poems are well ( i think i need to improve those) pls dont hesitate to comment. also check my blog for my latest updates that's all folks!

Last updated April 18, 2012