by Marie Tello Phillips

Marie Tello Phillips

Halt ! Who goes there?—
Our sentries challenged in our World War stations—
And twenty foreign tongues in unison replied:
"A friend.—

Let's emulate our soldier-sons in their amalgamation,
Extending to each stranger-soul, the welcome of—
A friend.

And when the alien in our land adopts his new relations,
Let's open wide our schools to him—teach him to be
A friend.

Let's turn deaf ears to petty strife of all denominations,
And meet the representatives of each—and greet
A friend.

Our fleeting life is far too short for futile limitation,
Let's prove to each who seeks a home—America 's
A friend.

Let's work together for ideals—the glory of our Nation—
And to the challenge: "Who goes there?— let each reply:—

Last updated April 01, 2023