Against Nature

by Alan Bernheimer

Alan Bernheimer

A man watches and waits
while we watch this man
and wait for what
he is waiting for

We become familiar
with the majority of numbers
under a hundred

At home in effort
he is trying
not to become food

He motions sideways
The simulacrum of narrative
usurps attention to time
Words dream of mouthfuls

Thing of night
dissolved by glee
Remarks keep slipping from transparency

His eyes are a rented blue
who cares for things
outside of enough

Liquid nails beat the pavement
Just a muscle takes sides
with no motive

Little gasoline passes
this descriptive setting
but the future appears
to advance toward us

Mild foreign body sensation
accompanies any possibility

He looks to the horizon
for enthusiasm
walking around money

The voice of waters
says burn bridges
and he smokes a cigarette
in his head

Better than wildest dream
trees slowly display the wind


Last updated December 24, 2022