History of Happiness

by Alan Bernheimer

Alan Bernheimer

Just did the math
Too birds eye for me
Living by wits

Miss out what’s said
Travel size heartthrob
Gravity situation

Confess stupid alibis
Unemployed emotions
Keep healthy distance

Showy brushwork
Rakish dogma
Skirmish in the archives

Equanimity overrated
All puffed up
Homer at home

Sorry for what
Clumsy miscues
Put miles in air

Up for the count
Hero worship
Had a way with clouds

Call it a truce
Misery loves misery
Dispatch illusion units

What mood says
Disappearing zeroes
Tiny white flecks

World’s worst blank
Animal episode
Next undercurrent

Words mean everything
Put skids under you
Waiting for emptiness

To fill with thought
Thought with words
Would be has been

Racking up karma
Knock the dents out
For extra oomph

Every element
Something to someone
Smoke in the shade

Naughty or naugahyde
Spasms of youth
Dead for a ducat

Curious gray eyes
Would be my department
Touching another drop

People want to be
Spoken to as a snowflake
Settle down to business

Top dog hot tub party
Got the burg closed up
Author’s compliments

Magpie fragment
Be a nuisance
The long meow

Last updated December 24, 2022