BlackBerry Speaks/Txts

Alan King

so u got it bad, huh?
think u know hard times
w/ ur recession—
u w/o a job & time
2 smell da fresh air,
time 2 pick up a hobby
da way idle hands
pick me up & start
stabbing me w/ thumbs.
talk abt violated.
don’t know how i feel
abt having my ball
fiddled w/. wat u
take me for, that iFreak?
da next hot thing
w/ an iBody so “touch-
friendly” u can pinch her
lush apps like–well, u get
da pic. dis life ain’t e-z.
a crack on da screen
or anything else
& u get discriminated
against, u get labeled
harsh things. know where
gadgets like me end up
after da hoopla, wen
da next hot item appears
like a pop-up on ur screen?
well, it aint da afterlife.
no bon voyage of tears,
no luv-bots beaming
& txting abt what a device
it was, or how its features
were a one of a kind.
it’ll just be pieces of wat
i once was in a pile
of other pieces of wat once
had a helluva run in its heyday.
still think
u got it bad?

Last updated September 27, 2022