…play some Luther

Alan King

How much you owe Leon?
What he say would happen
if you don’t have his bread Friday?

Today Wednesday. All you gotta do
is keep the car running, make sure
you here when we come out.

You ain’t gotta worry
about bank cameras or that old ass
security guard itching to re-live
his hot-headed days on the force.

You don’t gotta watch
the slick cashier
tripping over the alarm.

No exploding paint dye
in the money sack. All you gotta do is
chill. Play some Luther, let his hook
school you in all this:
Never too much, never too much.

Think of that feeling tossin’
Leon a crisp loaf. No more watchin’
every car creepin’
down your block.

No more wondering if all them
hard eyes around you is Leon’s boys,
waiting on his word to bounce you
like a bad check.

Everything can change today.
All you gotta do is keep that engine warm.
See what I’m sayin’?

Last updated September 27, 2022