We are all the others.

Each of us.

All we are or attain in life
is also due to all the others.

Everybody—alone—is nobody.

We are the success and the failure
of everybody else,
we are the joy and the sorrow
of everybody else.

We are the result—
besides of ourselves—
of everybody else’s life.

In each of us all the others are mirrored.

Each of us is the sum of all the others.

Each of us—
without exception.

Without anybody
being witness to us
we’d be nobody.

And we’d be nothing.

Over Misty Plains

Alessio Zanelli, Italian, writes poetry in English. His work has appeared in literary magazines from 13 countries. He has published 4 collections to date, most recently 'Over Misty Plains' (Indigo Dreams, 2012).

Last updated February 10, 2014