Terrible Ted

by Alexander E. Musset

Alexander E. Musset

Terrible Ted was really bad,
He broke every toy
he ever had,

He would:
Bash them
and smash them!

Crash them
and trash them!
And terrible things like that.

He would:
Bite off their heads,
Pull off their legs,

And set them on fire
with a match.

But you see,
Terrible Ted,
who was terribly bad,

Was very, very nice,
to the sister,
He had.

Alexander E. Musset's picture

Alexander E. Musset, Writer of humorous children's poems and stories., Based in Willesden Green, London, Alexander E. Musset writes short humorous poems, and long rhyming stories with a distinct Dr Seuss feel., His work is at the same time funny, witty, intelligent, or just plain ridiculous. Sometimes there is a lesson to be learnt or a question to be answered. “I like to tickle my young reader’s brain cells”, he says., His first book is ‘The Official Book of Wiggle Waggles’ a volume of over one hundred humorous poems to be enjoyed by both the young and the old., There is the trilogy of ‘Long Haired Lucy’ the town’s Golden Girl. She is so good it would make your toes curl, But is she quite as good as she seems…..?, Others include a multi-character series based on a two dimensional creature that defies classification - A book of modern cautionary tales – A volume of whimsical poems for children focused on animals and nature. He also ventures into some rather off-beat and weird ‘Scary’ poems in his ‘Book of The Secret Mind.’, He is refreshingly original despite having a slightly old-fashioned twinge as he engages his audience in the first person.

Last updated August 03, 2015