What do you say when you
Are with people? You say you
Want to be alone. What do you say
When you are alone? You say you
Want to be with people.

I'll tell you why that is. It's because
You are never alone. Your thoughts
Are always there. Sometimes you
May welcome them, but other times
They scare you.

You remember things that you don't
Want to. The less you want them there,
The more they stay. They torture you.
They infect your mind like a disease.
The more you tell them to go away,
The more they defy you.

They come in all forms. They're words,
Or they're pictures, maybe moving pictures.
The only sure-fire way to stop this virus, is
To leak a new one. This one must be pleasant.
Just like Peter Pan, you must think happy thoughts.

Alex Gross

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My name is Alexandra Gross. I am a poet, but also a fiction writer. I love writing and women above all. I am currently in high school, hope to go to a small women' college, and eventually get an MFA from the University of Iowa.

Last updated December 14, 2011