Love is an Howling Beast

by William F. DeVault

love is an howling beast.
consumed by rage that cannot hate.
fate, sealing wax and clay and stone
o'er bone and blood and flesh.
yes, flesh, meshing in memory.
memories born of hope.
torn to grope
in darkness, when what you need
bleeds out in the gutters
as silence utters
a grave pronouncement.
a riot act, a solemn pact
stacked atop distant mountains
too far to see more than
featureless white.
I would peel back my own flesh
with raw fingertips
to know again the texture of her lips
the scent of her hips
and to not have as mocking memory
the trips to the well of her heart.
I am that grotesque statue
left in silent field
for future generations
to wonder on the purpose of.

Selected Poems and Passions: 1972-2011

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William F. DeVault was declared "The Romantic Poet of the Internet" in, 1996 by Yahoo, and named the US National Beat Poet Laureate from 2017 -, 2018 by the National Beat Poetry Festival. He has written over 30, 000, poems, nearly 30 books, 5 CDs of his poetry, and his current book is the, romantic and erotic collection of 225 sonnets "liaison" from Venetian, Spider Press.

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