Denouement 15 (diadem) no, there are no endings, except in tales

by William F. DeVault

no, there are no endings except in tales
told when memory fails or time is short
and we want to put the kids to sleep, sails
set for their dreamland, childhood’s soft passport
to distant lands welcomed complexities
and vexities of grown life await them
over the horizon, behind the trees
where mysteries wait discovery from
one end of the rainbow to the other.
so now we pass through unknown tomorrows
with the confidence of lovers rather
tempered with love and life, joys and sorrows
shared in a synergy that can resist
the doubts and dreadnaughts of those who persist.


William F. DeVault's picture

William F. DeVault was declared "The Romantic Poet of the Internet" in, 1996 by Yahoo, and named the US National Beat Poet Laureate from 2017 -, 2018 by the National Beat Poetry Festival. He has written over 30, 000, poems, nearly 30 books, 5 CDs of his poetry, and his current book is the, romantic and erotic collection of 225 sonnets "liaison" from Venetian, Spider Press.

Last updated January 06, 2022