Innocent little girl walking.
She is preoccupied, at the moment with
An enigma which plagues all young girls
At a point. Which Barbie Doll do I want?

Another thought enters her head:
What's for dinner?
What's on TV tonight?
She goes on her merry way.

Along comes the intruder.
“Kill your father” it says.
The girl faces the intruder
“No” she says.

The intruder goes away.
But he doesn't.
It plagues the little girl's mind.
She can't get away from it, no matter

She can't look at her father
Without being filled with fear.
The intruder visits her every day.
Sometimes, it says “Kill your
Brother” or some other.

Sometimes, it tells her to burn the
American flag, or a crucifix.
Sometimes, it wants her to hump that
Dog's leg instead of him doing it to some human.
Finally' the intruder becomes too much.

The intruder has visited every one.
It's only the people who listen to it; the
Innocent little girls Of the world
Who pay any mind to it.
The thing is, those little girls don't
Do what the intruder says, they
Take their own lives instead.

Alex Gross

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My name is Alexandra Gross. I am a poet, but also a fiction writer. I love writing and women above all. I am currently in high school, hope to go to a small women' college, and eventually get an MFA from the University of Iowa.

Last updated December 22, 2011