Physically Hearted

I dont know where I lie in this world,
No space for me in peoples heart,
Everyone says I’m Gods special child,
But I ask why m I made with such a physically disabled art ?
I cannot eat with my hands,
Neither can I stand on my own legs,
But I fell proud to see world without tears,
And I feel prestigious to know that I m gods near.
People pity on me,
But I feel proud that I cannot handle my pace,
Where people in this world are just in dirgrace,
I feel pride to know that I am in harms,
But feel sorry to know that people have no loving arms.
I thank god for making me disabled,
So that I can say I m someones pleasure...

Alina Ahmed

Alina Ahmed's picture

Alina Ahmed (16th Sept' 94) is a workoholic girl, currently working as a graphic designer in a renowned compnay., From childhood days, observing and discovering new reality is her mania. Her passion for interpreting macrocosm in her own language made her to write poems in concise explanation.

Last updated June 22, 2011