The Giant

The Giants steps at city,
ruling hard workers that's busy.
Picking their drops as they indite.
Their shadow turns day into night.

Living as tiny in the ground,
They step the world heavy pound.
Finger killing who ever bite.
Their shadow turns day into night.

Unseen in lower dimension.
But watch their presence and mission.
As they approach something's not right.
Their shadow turns day into night.

They now walk over us with fear.
Giant's shadow ruling the world.


Alvin Williard A. Aquino's picture

"Love and Light is the Key". Who is Alvin Williard Aspuria Aquino? Alvin Williard, Aspuria Aquino is an underground Filipino Rapper and a Poet. He was born December 05, 1984 in Garcia, Tubao La Union, Philippines. His parents are Perlita Aspuria Aquino, a retired elementary school teacher of the Philippines and Severino Laroya Aquino, a retired Philippine military father. He migrated in San Jose California December 23, 1997. Got his G.E.D. at Metropolitan H.S. He is married with Marry Ann Corpuz Aquino an elementary school teacher from Moncada, Tarlac Philippines in July 08, 2010. Growing up as a young man, he has very sensitive emotional feelings. His inside emotions and fire are analogous for the compulsive and Intense heat. This earned him the nick name Alvintensity in the rap game. He is easily be angered that leads him to a lot of trouble, but in positive side he loves faithfully and he lasts in love relationship. He is a spiritual human being and have passion for music and exotic foods. He like the color green and the number seven and has meaning for his belief. Life has been hard for him as he struggles from lack of opportunity since he lost his job at Stanford Hospital. Also, adds from his struggle as he got involved from one of his friend's drama. He struggles living in America the land of opportunity that all Filipinos in the Philippines dream of living. He seeks for answers why is this happening to him, as he knows that everything that happened has a reason. This also lead him to search for the answer of his longing questions. "What is the reason, why is he in this world?." After learning from his co-workers and cousin that something was wrong in this world he started researching. This lead him for spiritual journey through meditation. After learning his sixth sense he started an spiritual awakening that changes his born belief and how he view the world. He is working to write his own Poetry book that he will treasure for the rest of his life as he answers all his questions. Words of view from Alvin: "Poems are not just words to read, it is to understand who and what is going on in the world through the point of view of a Poet. A Poet has better understanding and sees the world differently from others. A poets goal is to express deeply and intensely how he feel and how he see the world and what is going on accurately. Poetry is the most versatile form of art in writing to intensely express an emotion and its subjects, but it is the hardest art to master. In fact, As you learn how to write poetry and you think you are getting good at it it will open new book for another lesson. It's challenges are limitless like them Soduko and cross word puzzle. I try not to look myself as better than other people who write poems because that will put a limit to my improvement, but I try to exceed the expectations to surprise any doubters". " The best award for a poet is to win the heart of a reader". What and who inspired him to be a Rapper and a Poet? I fall in love with Poetry by reading researched poems and watching the works of legendary Poets at You Tube. I love the drama and emotions it brings and also love the riddle and puzzle it wants to express. I have been writing poems since I'm at high school but just kept it to myself as a diary of emotions a self mirror to improve myself behavior. I went into rapping at 2004 by the inspiration of Death Threat a main stream Rap Group in the Philippines and to express what I feel inside. I was part of an underground Tagalog rap group Kanang Kamay (Right Hand) and we performed at stage by the help of Koponang Kulapo a Filipino Underground rap group from Vallejo California. Rapping was a good experience it helped me a lot. Rapping is a very tough rocky road that brings experiences that sharpens a dull blade. My wife Mary Ann was one of my great inspiration to write this love poems from my heart. 'I'm doing this for my passion and to prove myself to any of you doubters and of course to myself. Right now my main goal as a Poet is to spread the love and light the truth.

Last updated September 28, 2011