A Perfect World

A world where it doesn't rain save there are umbrellas for all
Where, only on the house of the evil doer, would a tree ever fall
Where bad people look gruff and mean, but good men all stand tall

...in your dreams, maybe

A life of harmony and love that begins with just one kiss
Where all is well that ends well, and ever after we'll live in bliss
When good things come to those who wait, with never even a miss

...only on TV

No matter the problem, we're sure there's always a way
Nothing but nothing is impossible to those who dare to say
'Human brawn and whit, my friends, will surely save the day'

...hee hee hee

A Chicken in every pot, a pot on every table
Justice for all, and a job for everyone who's able
I'll just wave my wand and make the economy stable

...vote for me

What we do will save the world from poverty and despair
We'll right all wrongs and adjust the scales so everything is fare
We'll punish the bad, reward the good, and show the poor we care

...wait and see

...just wait and see

Well, we abolished humanity because it's bad
Some said, 'Oh my! Why, that's so sad!'
But really, it's the only choice we had

...for a perfect world, you see

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I live with my wife and young son in N. Ireland. I've spent much of my life in Thailand, where we were all born (I, of my Irish father and American mother). I like to write, I have several novels self published -- mostly science fiction -- and some poetry. My poetry tends to be humorous, some limericks, silly rhymes, parodies of Mother Goose, etc., though I have some of a more serious nature, including some haiku. My works can be seen at www.TinyUrl.com/RobbysBooks

Last updated August 06, 2011