Not a White Shadow But Black People Will Be Victorious

Blues walk weeps ragtime
Painting slavery
women laid around
working feverishly for slave master romeos
as if in ragtime they spill
their origins like chillers (lost chillen
in the streets to be
telephoned to by Huggie
Bear from channel 7, for the White Shadow
gives advice on how to hold our homes
together, tu tambien, Chicano Hermano).
Genius bennygoodman headmaster
but must coach
cannot shoot–
hey coah-ch
hey coah-ch
trembling fate wrapped in flags
hey coah-ch
you can hug this
while you at it

Women become
goils gals grinning in the face of his
no light
Men become
boys & slimy roosters crowing negros
in love with dressed up pimp stupidity death
hey coah-ch
you wanna outlaw the dunk, cannot deal with sky man Darrell
or double dipping hip doctors deadly in flight
cannot deal with Magic or Kareem ... hey coah-ch, coah-ch
bench yourself in the garbagecan of history o new colonial dog
denying with lying images
our strength & African
Funky Beauty
nomatter the three networks idiot chatter
Arthur Blythe
in the
Tradition of Douglas
of David Walker
of ragers yeh
(of Kings, & Counts, & Dukes
of Satchelmouths & Sun Ra's
of Bessies & Billies & Sassys
& Ma's
Musical screaming
of Brown Welles
& Brown Sterling and Brown Clifford
of H Rap & H Box
Black baltimore sister blues antislavery singers
countless funky blind folks
& one leg country beboppers
bottleneck in the guitarneck dudes
whispering thrashing cakewalking raging
& gents
getdown folks, elegant as
of DuBois

Baby Dodds & Lovie
Austin, Sojourner
I thought I heard Buddy Bolden
say you terrible
you awful, Lester,
why do you want to be
the president of all this
of the blues and slow sideways
horn. tradition of blue presidents
locked up in the brig for wearing zoot suit army pants
tradition of monks and outside dudes
of marylous and notes hung vibrating blue just beyond just after
just before just faster just slowly twilight crazier than europe or its
racist children
bee-doo dee dee-dee dee dee-dee (Arthur
of shooters
&silver fast dribblers
of real fancy motherfuckers
fancy as birds flight, sunward/high
in the tradition
¼ notes
eighth notes
16th notes
3nds, 64ths, 128ths, silver blue
of Langston & Langston Manifestos
Tell us again about the negro artists
&the racial mountain so we would not
be negro artists, McKay Banjoes and
Homes In Harlem, Blue Black Boys &
Little Richard Writes. Tradition of
For My People Margaret Walker & David Walker & Jr Walker
& Walker Smith Sweet Ray Leonard Rockin In Rhythm w/ Musical Dukes
What is this tradition Basied on, we blue Black Wards struggling
against a Big White Fog, Africa people, our fingerprints are everywhere
on you america, our fingerprints are everywhere, Cesaire told you
that, our family strewn around the world has made more parts of that world
blue and funky, cooler, flashier, hotter, afro-cuban james brownie
a wide panafrican
Tho we are afro-americans, african americans
let the geographic history of our flaming hatchet motion
hot ax motion
hammer & hatchet
our cotton history
our rum & indigo

Last updated May 16, 2023