My Mask

It was a sunny afternoon,
the sun shone bright
beside me an ocean of tears,
before me a mask of joys
i hid my fears
within my sides.
I wore masks,
different of them
no one saw the real me.
i were them most often.
When my heart cries,
my eyes blink.
When my heart aches,
my lips broaden.
When my hearts loves,
my eyebrows shrink.
When i smile,
the whole world smiles with me.
When i cry,
the wet walls cries with me.
Its not just you,
its not just me,
its we who were masks,
to hide our self in our sides...

Amy Haritha Suseel

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i am amy a 15 year teen.presenting you my thoughts on life and relations..

Last updated October 04, 2016