There is but there is not

There is no moon,
but there's moonlight.
There are no stars,
but there's stardust.
There is no rainbow,
but there is colour in my life.

There is no garden,
but there's flower.
There are no bees,
but there's honey.
There is no love,
but there's a loving heart with me.

There is brain,
but there's no heart.
There are friends,
but there's no trust.
There is pain,
but there's no love.

There is sunrays,
but there is no sun.
There are pages,
but there's no words.
There is care,
but there is no mother.

There is no water,
but there's a lake.
There are foes,
but there's no rage.
There is no memory,
but i live in memories.

There is no music,
but there's a voice.
There are no erasers,
but there's second chances.
There is no air,
but i still breathe.

There is breeze,
but there's no cooling.
There are trees,
but there's no shade.
There is a hand,
but there's no help.

There is light,
but there's no shadow.
There are raindrops,
but there's no clouds.
There is me,
but there's no you.

Amy haritha suseel

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i am amy a 15 year teen.presenting you my thoughts on life and relations..

Last updated October 04, 2016