Wasted Dreams

Plague of passion, what media do you seek?
Ringing words from a flying feathers beak.
How often they fall short.
Serving up flames of distraction, consuming all sorts.
Are corner stones enough to keep you safe?
When the sun begins its super strafe.
The haze begins to thicken.
What word will win you then?
Heart pounding efforts for a pot of gold.
Carried on the wings of butterflies your told.
But time and love wont be enough,
to cage the dream that you gave up.

I'm Andre Rodriguez. I have been writing for many years. The style and topics of my poems vary wildly, but I believe most have a spiritual overtone. I write about love, God, attitudes, observations and growing up. Poetry is a big part of who I am. I believe my writing defines me. If you wish to contact me or share work, my email is: sephiroth8907@hotmail.com

Last updated September 01, 2011