The Love Song of A. D. Klar

As I start this journey along with you
I find this love to be all too true.
The butterflies this time of year fly everywhere
as we create a portrait of this beautiful scene.

Walking hand in hand across the beach
we nuzzle deep within our sheets.
Sitting in a diner, two straws in one shake,
I hold you in my arms in front of a TV screen.

“It’s 11:11,” she said to me,
“make a wish if you truly believe.”

Reoccurrences reprise triggering memory
as we talk of auteurs of Fellini.

The words that pour from your sweet, soft lips
surely cannot be pure coincidence?
My past resonates with the melody of your songs,
almost as if we traveled the same path.

“I cannot believe you just said that.”
(Is this déjà vu or do I not know you?)

Reoccurrences reprise triggering memory
as we talk of motifs by Stravinsky.

Gazing together up at the night sky
we see shooting stars and the universe cry.
“Only with you I see shooting stars.”
Maybe the universe is speaking to us.

“Make a wish,” she whispers in my ear,
“for dreams come true when I am with you.”

Reoccurrences reprise triggering memory
as we talk of the qualities of da Vinci.

When I’m with you, reality and dreams blend,
and so I wish for these moments to never end.
And as I gaze into your beautiful green eyes
I see the final truth that they are just mine.

It is no wonder, now, why the time is always the same
and when we look up the universe begins to rain
and why your stories are similar to mine in refrain
and why I can’t think of time before you.

With a knot in my throat and a vice on my heart
I wipe the tears from my face knowing it was Pluto from the start.
With a weeping plea, she asks of me,
and I tell her it’s the end of our eternity.

Vivid becomes lucid at the end of the night.
She whispers once more before there is light:
“With all that I’ve said, know one thing is true,
you are my purpose and that I love y– ”

A distant dream
ended by dawn’s gleam.

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Last updated September 18, 2011