Soul with Stamina

by Angie Karan

How much will I bear, and how much will I endure
Depends on how you come through it all that counts
All that you endure with toil and tribulation for sure
Expanding soul purifying heart that is what amounts
Suffering to more tender, charitable and more worthy
Your soul compass wont let you down one way or another
Head up, heart open, spiritual triumph steering your journey
A timeless power to create, plunge, transform and discover
Your will, strength and courage will be tested of the unknown
The divine melodies of your soul's symphony further sown
From within I rise like a phoenix from the ashes boundless
Pain joy without limits inconstant where hope endowments
Swayed, dreamily; with ravishing frailty surpassing courage
This human experience flowing with miracles in each moment
Bridging a gap between heaven and earth a timed fragment
The most essential dimension within that essence of you
Is an awakening proses from dying to the completely true
When you pass through the door of painful darkness
Do not be afraid, that's where you meet your accomplice
It is the light waiting to greet you, through perspective
An alliance with your spirit, searching for mere effective
A deep sense of aliveness innocently waiting to come out
Dark century of the soul reminiscing the nostalgic bout
Tightens its grips on you in the thick of the fog hiding you
But you have to face it that's what totally gets you through
Just remember when heavily plunged into the abyss
Spring always comes after Winter, so does the light
Your inner voice you will hear and find your way home
You will receive no more than you can handle to fight
Surrender to love and in to positive energy syndrome
Keep true to the courage and love in your heart
Once and for all finally face and embrace the dark
You were always the love, you were always the light
Embrace this pain and suffering you sure know how
Breathe in accept and embrace where you are NOW

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Creating and writing through my experience in life ! Writing (quotes, poems, short stories) and also creating my own digital art, are my inspiration, it is something I put my heart and soul in to when I create them! I am aspired to helping others through these!

Last updated April 11, 2015