You may be sneaky, I do not negate it,
You may be worthy, I don't really care.
I'll take revenge at everything, but later;
I have no hope true, with you to share.
You may be understanding and big-hearted;
You may be jealous; I am selfish, too.
Our parting could have been, at least, more artful;
About it, just nothing I can do.
I could be gifted, but my supertition
Allows what it allows. That can't be helped.
But I would give up, under no condition,
And so deceptive, is the distance held.

About the author: Anna Polibina-Polansky, a poetess a poetry translator and a script writer from Moscow

Anna Polibina-Polansky

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Anna Polibina translates poetry and prose from five European languages. She enjoys traveling Europe, Russia, the Middle East and screening feature films about her routes. As a person proficient in poetry, script writing and literary translation she likes to observe how her audiences change with the time and how her own genres get transformed. She has been a member of the all-Russia Union of Literators since 1993".

Last updated April 26, 2011