The Wine Is Brewed...

The wine is brewed inside the sun:
It is up, when the heart is sunk.
So we sip from the magic jar:
Its warmth is sent here from afar.
It is the juice we ought to praise:
It is the grace of squashed sweet rays.
With that true energy, up raised
Are sprouts of a thankful phrase.
All of a sudden, we get blessed:
The hearts return to cozy nests.
Freed to the air, are days oppressed,
And we can count for the best.
I'm not allowed to say much:
Of that sweet wine, warm is the touch.
The hearts are even with the trees:
The spring time brings along the breeze...
There is not much, to this, to add:
Just this is meant now, to be said,
Just this, and not a sound more.
So melts the night. So comes the morn.

Anna Polibina-Polansky, a poetess a poetry translator and a script writer from Moscow

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Anna Polibina translates poetry and prose from five European languages. She enjoys traveling Europe, Russia, the Middle East and screening feature films about her routes. As a person proficient in poetry, script writing and literary translation she likes to observe how her audiences change with the time and how her own genres get transformed. She has been a member of the all-Russia Union of Literators since 1993".

Last updated April 26, 2011