In thankfull acknowledgment for the letters I received from my husband ovt of England.

by Anne Bradstreet

Anne Bradstreet

O thou that hear'st the Prayers of Thine,
And 'mongst them hast regarded Mine,
Hast heard my cry's, and seen my Teares;
Hast known my doubts and All my ffeares.
Thov hast releiv'd my fainting heart,
Nor payd me after my desert;
Thov hast to shore him safely brovght
For whom I thee so oft besovght.
Thov wast the Pilott to the ship,
And rais'd him vp when he was sick;
And hope thov'st given of good successe,
In this his Buisnes and Addresse;
And that thov wilt return him back,
Whose presence I so much doe lack.
For All these mercyes I thee Praise,
And so desire ev'n all my Dayes.

Last updated January 14, 2019