Song from 'Lycidus'

by Aphra Behn

Aphra Behn

A CONSTANCY in love I'll prize,
And be to beauty true:
And doat on all the lovely eyes,
That are but fair and new.
On Cloris' charms to day I'll feed,
To-morrow Daphne move;
For bright Lucinda next I'll bleed,
And still be true to love.
But glory only and renown
My serious hours shall claim;
My nobler minutes those shall crown,
My looser hours, my flame.
All the fatigues of love I'll hate.
And Phillis's new charms
That hopeless fire shall dissipate,
My heart for Cloe warms.
The easy nymph I once enjoy'd
Neglected now shall pass,
Possession, that has love destroy'd,
Shall make me pitiless.
In vain she now attracts and mourns,
Her moving power is gone,
Too late (when once enjoy'd) she burns,
And yielding, is undone.
My friend, the little charming boy,
Conforms to my desires,
And 'tis but to augment my joy
He pains me with his fires;
All that's in happy love I'll taste,
And rifle all his store,
And for one joy that will not last,
He brings a thousand more.

Last updated January 14, 2019