Hillside Crash

by April Hollingworth

As I pull over to a stop
Seeing a twenty tun tractor coming towards me
All I think is there goes my mirror.

Suddenly the sound of screaching metal
As my car cries out her death calls
Twisting metal and ping pong people
As the twenty tun tractor drives on through us.

Are you okay? Am I okay?
Yes get out of the car
As I force open my door I see running liquid
Hurry get out before she blows!

Shaking and crying we hudle in shock,
Scared but at least we are alive.
My car has died a horrific death.
Crushed and broken,
But at least no fire has claimed her.

As we hudle in shock, surprised we are not hurt.
Thank God for are seatbelts.
The carnaige on the hillside is frighting to see.
But at least we are alive.

April Hollingworth

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I was born in Dublin and now live in West Cork. I my first book of poetry published in October 2010 it's called Different Kinds of Emotions. I published it through Xlibris so it's only available on line and I also published through Amazon Kindle. At present I am finishing my first novel Double Magick in The Falls book 1 in Candi Reynolds series. I love reading, and finding new authors. One day I will have my own novel published but I would like it to be available in shops as well as on line. I find great freedom when driving and quite often am ready to write when I come home.

Last updated August 13, 2011