The Light In The Darkness

by April Hollingworth

Entering the darkness with hesitant steps,
with a small flickering light to guide me.
The further I go, the stronger I feel,
the brighter my light becomes.

With my decision made, my steps become light,
and my heart beats a happy tune.
The happier I become, the brighter my light shines,
soon flooding the darkness with bright pure light.

I entered the darkness on hesitant steps,
with at first a small flickering light to guide me.
I left the darkness behind me,
surrounded by bright pure, joyful light.

April Hollingworth

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I was born in Dublin and now live in West Cork. I my first book of poetry published in October 2010 it's called Different Kinds of Emotions. I published it through Xlibris so it's only available on line and I also published through Amazon Kindle. At present I am finishing my first novel Double Magick in The Falls book 1 in Candi Reynolds series. I love reading, and finding new authors. One day I will have my own novel published but I would like it to be available in shops as well as on line. I find great freedom when driving and quite often am ready to write when I come home.

Last updated October 04, 2016