Neighbourhood Devil

by Conor Keane

Tall, lean and oh-so mean,
Cold black eyes that remain ever keen.
Pale skin, demon's grin
Ability to make lies spin
Around and around like a moth to a flame.
Never dying; always appears again
the infernal knight.

Everytown has one; a neighbourhood devil;
the charasmatic demon in misfortune does revel.
The person who strikes private fears and public pandering
Able to get away with half truths meandering
tricking the weak, the ignorant and the cunning
Battling the righteous; but always running
from the light.

Watch for these ghouls and for local acquiesence
You will be left shivering by his chilly presence.
The eyes they follow; at Mass and at school
He's laughing a low laugh, behind it; a cruel
and maicious and odious mind beats.
Looking or the best way to profit; the cheat
and poisonous sprite.

Hard to defeat and hard to dispel
these monsters are imbued with the dark luck of Hell.
For it is not the good works that put them away,
but rather the indifference of good men that allow them to stay.
It's good men who fail to step in and shout
who fail to intervene and instead grant him clout,
and that's not alright.

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Conor is a law student from Galway, Ireland who writes poetry, prose and fiction. His influences include Robert Frost, Philip Larkin, Stephen King and Simon Armitage.

Last updated May 26, 2011