by Shakespril

could someone or something wreck us apart?
i hope not.

could someone or something tear us apart?
how about our poetry?

could someone or something set us apart?
our poetry is our hope

to make every line

be a fragment

for every fragments
to form its own

forming a line

a line to another line
to make a verse

a verse
we could sing together
as our own
to make this world still
a poem
worth our lines

April Mae Berza

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April is PGS member, the youngest Filipino to get happily published in Maganda magazine, Philippine American Writers and Artists Rizal: Voices in Diaspora, KAAL Epistolary Literature and hopefully others. This is her only site., She is also a member of Rotary, Og Mandino's Society, National Geographic, MENSA, International High IQ Society, and others. As an SM Foundation scholar, she is from Asia Pacific College and NAtional University. Graduating from Linangan sa Imahen, Retorika at Anyo last year in University of the Philippines-Diliman, she is thankful for all those who helped in her dreams as a writer.

Last updated September 23, 2011