Conquering the Sand

by Armineonila M.

In my restless mind
assemble shadows unfulfilled,
unfaded behind the curtains
of a memory of you;

I broom away the dusts
that stand between our years,
this solemn ground
your dreams have consumed;

The words you soak in tears
bespeckle within an envelop
that reached me beyond
an oceanful of sand;

So I dig into the heart
of courage you have sown
and keep that wondering youth
under the dancing mango tree;

At some point, I recover
a cadaver of visions
that was once shattered
by juvenile hysteria;

And sketch in the midst
of this dry mattress
a jamboree stolen away
by your fruits of vanity;

Now as you depart
the circuses of my mind,
like cotton candy you stand
toying with my innocence;

You speak only on behalf
of such distant warmth
and customs woven stale,
a tale strewn in secrecy;

Endearments yet unsung
drifted in humid air,
caught around a ring
that divided our souls;

Yet I refuse to sing
of barren nursery rhymes
which have dried out deep
inside your gilded luggage.

*First published in KAYOD: Sa Ngalan ni Rio Alma (Anthology #6: Poems on Workers), ed. Alexander de Juan, Philippines, 2010.

Armineonila M.'s picture

Armineonila M. is a Filipina poet, mixed-media artist, columnist and cartoonist who is currently based in Kuwait. She has been a feature story writer and opinion writer in English on Kuwait Times Daily and Friday Times since 2006. At present, she is writing her weekly column in the Filipino language titled "Kikay's Ukay-ukay" and submitting weekly comic strips titled "Pat en Tero" in Filipino Panorama, Kuwait Times. She is also a regular literary contributor to a monthly Kuwait-based magazine for the Filipino community, Pag-usapan Po Natin, and she is currently working on tribal arts and calligraphy.

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