Desert Song

by Armineonila M.

Oh dune,
what's your alignment
in this arduous soil?
Do roaring decibels
mount your tongue
in the tune of a death march
to squeeze
unto undying armour of hope?
I eat the eyes that swallow you;
corrupt the minds which comfort you;
to feel how much you have grown
short; as stallions' scavenged zone.
Only as my heart reached harbour
that you planted scimitars here under
your fertile breath, that's weaving
some tapestry of arid thoughts.
Must I kill the spirits
that breed these lines,
or feed them again
with vintage spoons?
furnish me an oasis
of aged moons
or sit me amidst
oriental halls
and potent walls,
stirred by obscure hands
from afar.
Let me move at dwarf's length
to peer at your window
like you peer at mine;
so together, we watch
winged royalties in the sky;
flapping away imported dust
chewed on modern lips
that taste of strange champaign
which poisons the caverns within.
Oh, dune,
upon my frowning lamp
did I meet your faded ornaments;
but let me caress the hollows of your soul
and dent my mind
into you, for once,
as you rouse deep in my skin,
while I glare at your exotic eye
piercing through

*First published in TAWAYA: Sa Ngalan ni Lope K. Santos (Anthology #9: Poems on Nature), ed. Alexander de Juan, Philippines, 2010.

Armineonila M.'s picture

Armineonila M. is a Filipina poet, mixed-media artist, columnist and cartoonist who is currently based in Kuwait. She has been a feature story writer and opinion writer in English on Kuwait Times Daily and Friday Times since 2006. At present, she is writing her weekly column in the Filipino language titled "Kikay's Ukay-ukay" and submitting weekly comic strips titled "Pat en Tero" in Filipino Panorama, Kuwait Times. She is also a regular literary contributor to a monthly Kuwait-based magazine for the Filipino community, Pag-usapan Po Natin, and she is currently working on tribal arts and calligraphy.

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