The Great Tyrannosaurus

by Arthur Guiterman

Arthur Guiterman

The Great Tyrannosaurus
Lived centuries ago;
Through marshes wet and porous
He rambled to and fro.
The most tremendous Lizard
That ever browsed on meat,
His length from A to Izzard
Was forty-seven feet.
The Great Tyrannosaurus
In habitude was not
What one would call decorous-
He ate an awful lot.
Lamellibranchs in sixes,
Iguanodons to spare,
And Archaeopteryxes
Comprised his bill of fare.
The Great Tyrannosaurus
Of all the world was king;
With trumpeting sonorous
He swallowed everything.
When everything was swallowed
Beneath the azure sky,
What naturally followed?-
The Creature had to die.
The Great Tyrannosaurus
That was so blithe and free
Hath passed away before us;
Then learn from him and me:
This earth can never nourish
An appetite like his,
So if you hope to flourish,
Don't gobble all there is!

Last updated January 14, 2019