At the Comedy

by Arthur Stringer

Arthur Stringer

Last night, in snowy gown and glove,
—I saw you watch the play
Where each mock hero won his love
—In the old unlifelike way.

(And, oh, were life their little scene
—Where love so smoothly ran,
How different, Dear, this world had been
—Since this old world began!)

For you, who saw them gayly win
—Both hand and heart away,
Knew well where dwelt the mockery in
—That foolish little play.

("If love were all—if love were all,"
—The viols sobbed and cried,
"Then love were best whate'er befall!"
—Low, low, the flutes replied.)

And you, last night, did you forget,
—So far from me, so near?
For watching there your eyes were wet
—With just an idle tear!

(And down the great dark curtain fell
—Upon their foolish play:
But you and I knew—Oh, too well!—
—Life went another way!)

Last updated September 07, 2017