by Arthur Stringer

Arthur Stringer

In faith, I knew av wireless talk
This twinty years and more:
Widout a sign, widout a word,
As I passed Sheela's door,

That gerrl could send a message clear
Past iv'ry gapin' head!
Ay, past their ring av watchin' eyes
I'd know what Sheela said!

I'd read each message sent from her
At sixty rod away:
"Och, meet me out be Tullagh Hill!"
As plain as words could say!

"In faith I will!" I'd answer back,
Wid but wan look or two;
"And all me heart is achin' sore
Wide all me love for you!"

Or passin' in a side-car,
Wid all her haughty folk,
Her soul would up and say to me
As plain as tho' she spoke:

"They pesther me wid watchin',
They cross me ivry turn,
But soul and body I'll be yours
This night be Tullagh Burn!"

Last updated January 14, 2019