The Discovery

by Arthur Stringer

Arthur Stringer

The lee and the long av it now that ye're through
Seems under the sun ye can find nothin' new—
So faith, I'll be whisperin' what ye might do.

Go study some colleen's cometherin' eye,
And whin ye have banthered and blarnied her thry
A flattherin sadness, a bit av a sigh.

And whin ye have found that she's taken wid you,
Faith, whether ye laugh or whether ye rue,
Ye'll go the same way your betthers all do!

Ye'll come to your sinses, me solemn gossoon,
And drunk wid the wine av some warm night in June,
Ye'll be kissin' her mouth and watchin' the moon!
And under the sun, faith, nothin' is new—
But under that moon ye'll find that it's thrue
There's stranger ould wonders thin iver ye knew!

Last updated January 14, 2019