The Sisterhood

by Arthur Stringer

Arthur Stringer

I' VE knocked about the Sivin Seas,
I've thraveled long and thraveled light,
From Cardiff down to Carib keys,
From Shanghai round to Benin Bight.

From Rotterdam to 'Frisco Bay,
From Bristol clear to Singapore,
I've swung and sung and had me way
Wid wimmen that I'll see no more.

In fjord, atoll and harbor town,
Far North, and far beyont the Line,
I've had thim, black and white and brown —
And shpeakin' iv'ry tongue but mine!

Aye, kissin' back wid furrin words
I'd niver know the meanin' of,
And cooin' soft loike shleepy birds
Wid lips so tired and full av love!

But, white or black or brown, I knew
Not wanst their hathen tongue or name:
Yet in the end I've found it's thrue
Most iv'ry woman weeps the same!

Last updated January 14, 2019