I know you are going away from me
Into the unknown.
I know that the tears of longing
The burning of intense love
And the embrace of words
Will all turn into droplets of mirage
Searching for a horizon that has long been killed.
On this earth, my breath bids me farewell
And you are naught but some of that breath of mine
Your eyes, however, are a Christ in the heart
Giving me the sacrament of salvation while being crucified.
They make me forget my trickling blood
And render me oblivious of the burning embers
On my hands and lips
Until your seas turn into never-ceasing fragrances..
Until the nails of crucifixion
Turn into warmth in the heart
And until my wails become
An eternal indelible mark
On your lips.
O my killer-saver
I shall remain atop the crosses
Yes, I shall remain thus
Until the coming of the second death.
Jesus will surely return to earth
To carry my crucified love and sacrifice.

Azher S Saleh

Azher S Saleh's picture

A professor of English Literature, Mosul University, Iraq., He has been writing poetry since 1970., He has written more than 200 poems.

Last updated May 13, 2019