As We Turn

by B-Miles Jackson

As we turn from the century,
As we wake,
Look toward the millennium,
As the century turns,
Littered with the joys and trails of like,
Embark forth with a new beginning.
As we turn from the century,
As we wake under strange conditions,
As the century turns to the new millennium,
Hold tight to faith, family, and friends.

In The Courtyard

Barbara B-Miles Jackson's picture

Barbara B-Miles Jackson, born in 1948, grew up in Texas, studied poetry as a student in school. The poetry of other poets inspired me to go forward, changing myself when I could not change my situation. I one child and two grandchildren., Later needing a way of expression and focus, I turned to writing poems. Writing reminds me, we must travel through life situations with as much grace and dignity as possible., I started writing in 1995 for an Open Poetry Contest with National and International Library of Poetry. Most In the US and other in Europe.

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