Atmospheric Conditions

by B-Miles Jackson

The season, the season,
Cold or hot!
The changing atmosphere --
Jobs, money, places and things.
The wind is blowing,
Clouds that play in the sky.
The season, the season;
Leave green in December.
The changes of forever --
A circle rainbow,
one arching the freeway,
one a fourth of a circle,
The end -- the beginning;
1994 --1996

In The Coutyard

Barbara B-Miles Jackson's picture

Barbara B-Miles Jackson, born in 1948, grew up in Texas, studied poetry as a student in school. The poetry of other poets inspired me to go forward, changing myself when I could not change my situation. I one child and two grandchildren., Later needing a way of expression and focus, I turned to writing poems. Writing reminds me, we must travel through life situations with as much grace and dignity as possible., I started writing in 1995 for an Open Poetry Contest with National and International Library of Poetry. Most In the US and other in Europe.

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