Jasper Owen Interview, Excerpt No. 6

by Benjamin C. Krause

--What inspired you to [tape damaged]

a dog that’d just been neutered. Pa knew this so [tape damaged] local guy by the name of Bulldog Brown, with a crocodile’s snarl and a grape-sized hole where he lost his eye [tape damaged] stopped at a “blind pig,” as they called ‘em. He’d pay a quarter [tape damaged] shakin’ wildly, like one of them guys with that disease, you know, ahh..


Yeah. Like one o’them ep’ilep’ic cats. And he starts singin': “Show me yo black bottom, I wanna learn that” [tape damaged] hollerin’, as if Pa’s the one puttin’ on the show, but this one lady [tape damaged] crys’allized raindrops [tape damaged] just as beautiful.

Gargoyle #57

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Benjamin C. Krause is a Generation Y poet, publisher and Esperantist. He loves inventing new forms, enjoys playing with form and hates the Oxford comma.

Last updated November 16, 2011