Reflection on Ruary Allan’s Hermaphrodiliac

by Benjamin C. Krause

A piece of fruit lies discarded on the ground
while the serpent slithers around Eve’s naked body,
his shadow casting infinite possibilities.
She stares for the first time at the universe's stars
and ringed planets stretching as far she can see.
A bear gazes up at this woman
who seconds ago was just like it.
Her face remains hidden;
I wonder what its expression is.

Adam finishes ejaculating
and reaches out to Eve.
The serpent eyes a grasshopper
and gets ready to strike.
From the depths of the universe
a watchful eye observes.

Counterexample Poetics

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Benjamin C. Krause is a Generation Y poet, publisher and Esperantist. He loves inventing new forms, enjoys playing with form and hates the Oxford comma.

Last updated November 16, 2011