by Yvette Siegert

Yvette Siegert

The torogoz is the national bird of El Salvador

I do not know how to sing
For you. The poem I am trying
To write you cannot exist.

You do not speak this language.
You cannot read these words.

I think in the language
You gave me as I think you
The language that gives me song.

Where are the feet for this verse
Where are its hands

You, who know how poignant the body is—

Give me sheen of turquoise
Feathers, give me all your colors,

Give me words to place here
And say to myself when I enlist
Your names at night,

Not in closed captioning
Without sound. Not in the azure
Applause of heaven.

Here is a basic song:
Usted me toma de la mano y me dice

—Mi vida.

Where is the story here
How do these lines exist

I am singing for you
Like the soul
When it learns a word
For itself.

Usted me toma de la mano.

They say the earth is simple.

You say
My love.

Last updated August 19, 2022