If the Blank Outcome in Dominoes Adds a Seventh Side to Dice

by Brian Blanchfield

A system builds around refusal of a system. Adrift
in flagless sabotage, ahead the fleet prolepsis in arrears.
I went with luck and I went without and to go is to give
a leave. My dowry is narrow as a strait, as collapsed and
goodness gushing a get up more sophisticated. One day, a tile
in the driven sand, the next like nothing else. Not in thirteen
new ways to play can the one that’s wild be reconciled.
I send away for nothing. I let prepare the least and blackest bed
occasion, its foot its head and windowswidth its length,
and lay along a want of stars a piracy’s bit of balance,
at sixes and sevens with facing’s nature, the cross with danger
purity, and in the time it takes a stretch of beach to dry
and on a day when all the mail from Normal’d come,
in death’s detail, both in its clutches and in its throes,
I make in love my ribs fit his.

Last updated December 10, 2022