How Many Angels Can Stand On The Point Of A Pin?

by Brian Taylor

Although the Two Worlds
are so intimately linked,
how is it that they are
completely distinct?

A ten-ton elephant
and a thousand soldiers
reflected in a single mirror!

Why doesn’t the glass shatter
under the weight of such an elephant?
Why does not the frame splinter
beneath the boots of such an army?


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Brian Taylor is a poet and philosopher presently living in Cornwall, England and the Far East., Website:, Poetry works include:, BLINDNESS KINDNESS (1968), GOING OUT THERE IS NO OTHER (1995), COMING BACK THERE IS NO TRACE (2005), BLONDIN (2006), BAMBOO LEAVES (2007), OXFORD POEMS (2008), GNOMONIC VERSES (2015)

Last updated March 14, 2014