Life Just Gets Better

Today has been another day, just a bit different
Today we address the world but feel a little incoherent
Inside us, is this digressed feeling of giving in
Inside us, feels like anguish detriments our soul within
Rather, we desire much more in all of this commotion
And decide to hop on a train or locomotion
Our destination is our destiny
What lies there is joy and memory
For what we can say now, will hold a lot of truth then
So, my friends, open up the curtains and let this show begin
Because as long as we are pursing our endeavor
Life… just gets better…

Casey Knox

18 year old with a blazing passion for writing poetry. Written 60+ poems in the last 3 years. Plans to publish a poetry book of his own one day....but for now....he wants to let the world take a sneak peak at what his talents are like...

Last updated October 31, 2011