Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee

Six decades of glorious years have passed
And an empire has turned into a commonwealth of nations
but its regal splendour and history still lives on
as memories are treasures,time cannot destroy it all

She was born to create a golden age
to defend the law and secure the Anglican faith
She upholds the values of her English lineage
throughout her long and prosperous reign

She endured many hardships during her early reign
but challenged it all,with the support she gained
she grew stronger in life,but never failed
as challenges were oppurtunities in her victorious reign

she is vested with a heavy burden of responsibilities
and continues to uphold the values & traditions of her sovereignty
she is a symbol of honesty and integrity
and thrives to sustain peace and prosperity

From solid colour overcoats to decorated hats
her presence is a regal splendour of pageantry and sophistication
she echoes the true sence of noble English fashion
as she displays grace,as an idol of fascination

She is magnanimous,when it comes to charity
and her heart is a symbol of purity
she showers her subjects with immense love due to her generosity
and above all she is the queen of the imperial British monarchy

Zameer Careem

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i am an Advanced level student of Royal College Colombo. I love writing poems as its my passion. So i would be happy to publish my poems in a prestigeous site as the Best poems; and As a Srilankan British born I am proud and honoured to be a part of such great website.

Last updated October 28, 2011