As a Petal Falls

A flowers petal
Slowly falls
And starts to die
The rest of the flower
Still lively
The small, silky petals
Looked as if blood flowed thru them
Another petal falls
The flower droops
Its color faded
Like its heart is slowing
More and more petals fall
And so does the flower
Lying on the ground
Blood no longer flows
The heart has stopped
Never to pump again
As the flower lay on the ground
Shriveled and brown
There is a growing sprout
With a new heart
Filled with liveliness
And the blood of life

Cathryn Miller's picture

I have always loved poetry, it has been the only way i have been able to express my feeling lately. This helps my put my emotions on paper instead of letting them bottle up. I also play basketball, so when I’m frustrated I will go and shoot a little. My dog Rascals is a great listener when i need him, I used to only tell him my poems. But i have decided to share them so I hope you like them.

Last updated October 09, 2011