Hemingwayan waves of time

Hemingwayan waves of time

The sea is under storms
And the old man fishing without rest
With the ship of the endless times
Searches the shores to his best
A black cloud escorts, with exuberant steps
Life’s fish on the reckless sea.
Is an agitated sea and has many wonders
Also has an old man fishing tirelessly,
And a girl fallen in love
Wishing to have the golden fish undoubtedly.
The relentless sea
Is never a peaceful sea,
An attacked ship
Fights for her life
From many storms.
In a misterious depth of the sea under storm
A hungry shark threatens at every cost.
And a broken ship breaks forward with all including the helm.
Icy winter makes the frozen sea like a stone
And the storm grows with continuously.

The old man doesn’t look at his time,
Screams anxiously and counts the years on his fingers
Is a gloomy night the sea isn’t peaceful
Napping from fishing stops and thinks
Now he understands, is the end of life
Was not born to be a people’s fisherman
Neither a construction rock.
But his love for life turned it into sailing.
It is sad in these cold icy days
Sea shores are away, there is no wave to rescue him.
The ship of time is challenged while sailing.
She is shaken like the wind with the tired old man.

Until the sun falls over the sea
And the very hungry girl catches the fish.
The acquarium of memories is on her shadow
As pieces of her compassionate heart.
A big tent of mercifulness.

My God, my Sunday dialogue is even more lonesome
Than the Autumn night with strong winds,
Than the Cathedral sound that disrupts the dark solitude
Crawls it over like a victim of roman times
And the colors of the painter relaxing on the lap of the exotic lady
Waking the next morning with my vision lost which resembles
To my dialogue with poetry on Sunday...!

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Ndue Ukaj, is Albanian and Swedish writer, publicist and literary critic. He was member of several editorials literary. He has also been editor of the magazine for art, culture and society "Identity" that was published in Pristina. Ukaj is included in several anthologies of poetry, in Albanian, and other languages. Ukaj’s poems and essays are widely published in Kosovo and Albania, as well as in USA, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Sweden, Finland, Italy and Romania., While the book “Godo is not coming”, won the national award for best book of poetry published in 2010 in Kosovo., He is the author of books of poetry and literary studies., Books in Albanian: “The Biblical Discourse in the Albanian Literature”, AIKD; Kosovo 2004, 'The waterfall of metaphors', M&B, Tirane, Albany, 2008, Books in English, ”Ithaca of the word”, translated by Peter Tase, USA, 2010, ”Godo is not coming”, translated by Peter Tase, USA, 2010, Book in Spanish: Godo no viene, translated by Peter Tase, USA, 2010., Ukaj is member of Swedish PEN

Last updated September 27, 2011