Jesus My Recourse

I seek help from no one else
But Jesus Christ, my Lord an' all.
This daily grind ever fails;
In Christ, I'm free from brawl.

I can't go back to the place of death
From where He snatched me by His blood.
His grace and love are my breath;
From Christ does my life daily bud.

Though I face a stormy gale,
His faithfulness is ever sure.
Though tears make me pale,
In Jesus Christ my face's pure.

He calms great waves by His word,
And floods me with great peace.
In His arms, like a nesting bird,
I bask and glow, unbroken piece.

I arise and shine for Him alone,
And show His love will never dim.
I seek help from heaven's throne
Where Alleluia's my only hymn.

I seek help from no one else,
All I need's in heaven's throne.
A cry of faith that's never false

Lagos Nigeria

Celestine S. Ikwuamaesi's picture

A Christian writer and novelist. Has written 4 Christian non-fiction and 1 novel. Written a collection of spiritual poems yet to be published.

Last updated October 15, 2013