Sitting atop the mountain hill

Sitting atop the mountain hill,
established in my self,
fragrance of bliss evaporates all around
from my body and soul.

Vapor spreads,
starts dancing in form of Shiva.
Flutes of Krishna fills the whole valley
with its divine melody.
Buddha in me dazzles in pristine radiance.

I expand and permeate in the whole existence,
I occupy the whole universe in me,
now only I exist
in this whole blissful celebration of eternity,
witnessing each and every bit of
my magnanimous infinite Self.

Swami Aaron's Poetry

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Swami Aaron Thomas, Author | Artist | Spiritual Master, Spiritual Background, Swami Aaron Thomas is a secular, new age spiritualist who belongs to no worldly religion. When he was in 9th standard, a question came to his mind – If the God and Goddesses whom we worship, if they are absolute reality, then how come they are confined to only one sect? With this question his spiritual journey started. He had a passion to know what the God is. He studied almost all important spiritual literature of all religions. The real journey started, when he started doing meditation. Meditation helped him to transcend the domain of mind and step into the realm of super-consciousness. The realization of super-consciousness made him have the crystal clear realization of the eternal quest of the mankind i.e. God., Now, he does not belong to or practice any religion, but the core of his being is the spirituality. He does not accept any sort of confinement whether it is religion, region, sect, community, caste, creed etc. He says - The Absolute Truth is always objective and universal; it cannot be realized through any faith or blind belief; rather Absolute Truth can be realized through the path of search and scientifically logical approach only. Now he conducts spiritual and literary workshops; gives training to people about as how to realize the super consciousness., Academic background, Swami Aaron Thomas is a Post Graduate in Management Science. He studied Science till graduation level. He commands good knowledge of science, spirituality, literature, Fine Art, Political Science, Sociology, Management Science, Journalism, Media, Advertising, Film Making etc., Professional Background, Swami Aaron belongs to Media, IT and Publication background. He had been running Advertising Agency, IT Company, Media Company. He had been in the field of publication of newspapers and magazines. Now, he has shut down his all business ventures just to focus on writing, spiritual and creative pursuit. He organizes spiritual workshops and lectures across the globe. He has devoted himself for the service of humanity and spiritual evolution of mankind. Quantum Life is a platform to execute the vision of Swami Aaron Thomas for life in action., Literary Background of Swami Aaron, Swami Aaron Thomas has authored following books:, 1. Ultimate Ecstasy – a philosophical novel, 2. In Love with All Beautiful Women – a philosophical novel, 3. Dancing on the Last Edge of the Universe - English Poetry, 4. Quantum Jump into God – The Science of Meditation, 5. Beyond the Beyond – Spiritual Science, 6. Lunatic Monologue- Philosophical Muse, 7. In Love with Linda- New Age Spiritual novel, Some of the articles written by Swami Aaron Thomas and readers’ responses can be read on following websites:,,,,,,,,,, To find out the links to the articles written by Swami Aaron Thomas for the above mentioned websites, just write “Swami Aaron” on Google or any other Search Engine., Artistic Background, Swami Aaron Thomas has created near-about 100 paintings in oil and acrylic on canvas. You can have view of some of his paintings on, www.facebook/swami.aaron etc., Present Plan of Action, 1. To set-up a chain of educational institutions like schools, colleges universities etc. under the aegis of Swami Aaron Global Academy to promote education, art, music, dance, literature, vocational studies etc., 2. To set-up a wide network of meditation centers across the globe, through which people could be trained to realize Super-consciousness, so that, people could be free from sorrow, pain, frustration, depression etc. and the humanity could be an eternal saga of divine bliss and celebration., Contact Details, Swami Aaron Thomas, Tel.: 0091 9818 250 334, 0091 9811 630 142, Email:, Website:

Last updated March 05, 2014